Grenada Flag Meaning & Details

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 Grenada Flag
 Flag Information
  • a rectangle divided diagonally into yellow triangles (top and bottom) and green triangles (hoist side and outer side), with a red border around the flag

  • there are seven yellow, five-pointed stars with three centered in the top red border, three centered in the bottom red border, and one on a red disk superimposed at the center of the flag

  • there is also a symbolic nutmeg pod on the hoist-side triangle (Grenada is a leading nutmeg producer)

  • the seven stars stand for the seven administrative divisions, with the central star denoting the capital, St. George

  • yellow represents the sun and the warmth of the people, green stands for vegetation and agriculture, and red symbolizes harmony, unity, and courage

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     Source: CIA - The World Factbook


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